iOS Consulting

iOS Consulting

Featured: Internal Enterprise App for the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Emergency Operations Center.

The Vectorbloom team with John Borchert as Lead Developer, have designed, developed and released various native apps and games combined. An expert in mobile front end and cloud technologies, John is available to develop solutions that take advantage of smart phone features such as Location, Motion, Camera, Email and Push Notifications in a meaningful way for the end user.

If your target audience is large, we build for the most popular platforms that allow you to reach these customers with a native app. The mobile front end technologies we focus on are Objective-C and Swift for exclusive iOS, Java for native Android or Unity 3D for cross platform deployment. When building an internal mobile solution for an Enterprise, we evaluate which platform or combination of technologies best suit the needs of our client for a mobile approach.

Connect with  John Borchert via email: john at vectorbloom dot com, to set up an initial consultation.

In the Press:

October 17, 2013: Made In Whistler Emergency App to be tested during Earthquake Drill 

November 13, 2014: RMOW App to Help Respond to Emergencies

December 18, 2014: Whistler Emergency App Activated Alert For Flooding



Unity 3D Consulting

Featured Game © Big Top Ballet Inc. 2011- 2015. All rights reserved

As far as any cross platform tool or game engine goes, Unity 3D rocks. When not working on client projects, we develop for Big Top Ballet using Unity 3D game engine technology and cloud server tools.  With a success of the title maintaining the Top 10 Mac Music Games throughout 2012 and 2013, the video game originally released under Vectorbloom Technologies, became the company. To learn more about Big Top Ballet Inc. visit or play the game on one of the following platforms:

Game Art & Game Design by Elizabeth Boylan

Unity 3D C# Development by John Borchert LTD.

John Borchert

John Borchert
Mobile Developer & Consultant

Originally from Vancouver, I make my home in Whistler, British Columbia with my wife, Elizabeth Boylan and daughter, Sara.

Programming since I was 19,  my career spans the beginnings of the Internet to the latest in mobile apps, games and cloud technology.

With a background in Rails and database technologies, since 2009 I’ve focused my expertise on native Objective-C and Swift for iOS applications (iPhone and iPad devices ) and C# for Unity 3D for game development and cross platform game deployment.

Over the period from 2009 to 2015, working with my partner and graphic designer/ wife,  we’ve built a series of in-house apps as well as consulted on larger scale mobile iOS projects under Vectorbloom. From these projects, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Swift, Wearables, Git, Tests, Core Motion, Core Location, Maps, Push & Local Notifications, Core Data, Parse, Storyboard Layout, Networking, Plivo and Twilio Cloud Communications for messaging and more recently tests and Analytics.

After developing a cross platform game in 2011, we founded a company of the same name, Big Top Ballet Inc. where I operate as CTO and Unity 3D developer.

When I’m not programming, I’m playing tennis, skiing, biking or hiking the trails with my Weimaraner.

You can preview samples of my Objective-C code in the Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit for iPhone on

Contact me via email: john {at}

John Borchert LTD., PO Box 622, Whistler, British Columbia, V0N 1B0

Whistler Emergency Management

Whistler Emergency Operations

 Internal Enterprise App for the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Emergency Operations Center.

Working with the Resort Municipality Of Whistler,  Vectorbloom’s team of John Borchert (Lead Developer) and Elizabeth Boylan (App Architect) customized iOS App solutions for Whistler’s Emergency Operations Center and Whistler’s Emergency Social Services Management. The team innovated a unique mobile app technology approach to manage internal staff call-out notification alerts and recipient confirmations in the event of an Emergency. Vectorbloom’s underlying intellectual property has been furthered customized for Whistler’s Emergency Team needs and area specific vulnerabilities for emergency events.

The App’s front end and cloud component technology have both been tested in drills and used in the most recent emergency events impacting Whistler. If you wish to learn more about the technology and its potential applications for emergency events and situational awareness, email: john at vectorbloom dot com.

App Starter Kits

Mobile Greetings for iOS!

The Custom Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit  is available on  GitHub  as a FREE and Open Source Objective-C project effective October 12, 2012. The template is flexible to accommodate a portrait line of stationery illustrations with custom fonts, multiple lines of text or preset greetings for the iPhone and iPod touch where greetings, announcements and invitations can be sent via Email, MMS (image), shared on Twitter and shared on Facebook and the Walls of Facebook Friends.

Perfect for stationery designers or artists wishing to leverage their brand. The Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit includes web views that can be set as windows to your on-line store by inputting your mobile url address within the App Starter Kit’s code.

The kit’s template design supports a Carousel style layout for large number of Portrait format of Digital Artwork, Illustration or Photography to send via email, MMS, save to photos, post to Facebook Wall or Friends Wall, Tweet to Twitter, an artist’s biography page, and a web view to your social media links and web pages.

The Starter Kit for iOS 5 has been available under the MIT Open Source license for releasing either a free or paid iPhone App on GitHub

Copyright John Borchert LTD.2016. All rights Reserved.