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Boutique Game Development

When the Vectorbloom Team isn’t working on client projects they continue to develop their exclusive game title Big Top Ballet using Unity 3D game engine technology and cloud server tools.  With a success of the title maintaining the Top 10 Mac Music Games throughout 2012 and 2013, the video game became the company. To learn more about Big Top Ballet Inc. visit or play the game on one of the following platforms:

Game Art & Game Design by Elizabeth Boylan

Unity 3D C# Development by John Borchert



Vectorbloom is a mobile consulting firm based out of Whistler, BC. We work with an  exclusive portfolio of clients requiring iOS, Android, Cloud or cross platform app development expertise.

Elizabeth Boylan, Design

elizabeth (at)

Partner and Creative Director at Vectorbloom, Elizabeth handles branding, graphic design, illustration and game art. After attending Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Elizabeth started developing iPhone Apps in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. Having experience not only with design but also with development and distribution, her creative insight is indispensable when it comes to mobile.  See more of her portfolio on Behance.

John Borchert, Development

john (at)

Partner and Lead Developer at Vectorbloom, John’s career as an IT professional spans 2 decades from the early beginnings of the Internet. A strong background in Rails and database technologies, his expertise now centres on Objective-C for iOS and C# for Unity 3D game development. He’s an avid tennis player and formerly #1 ranked Junior National Champ, to boot. A passion for mobile, cloud technologies and Unity game development combined with years of IT expertise distinguish him as a sound expert in his field. Find samples of his code in the Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit for iPhone on

iOS:  BigTopBallet   Android: BigTopBallet  Mac: BigTopBallet  Facebook: BigTopBallet


Enterprise Solutions

The Post-PC era is upon us. Mobile devices loaded with a library of applications most hosting a cloud computing component  are the new norm.

With over a million apps on Apple’s App Store and an equal amount on Google Play, an organization must determine whether a Native App solution which takes advantage of smart phone features such as Location, Camera, Email and Push Notifications is a value to their enterprise and customers.

Our team has designed, developed and released well over a dozen native iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android apps and games combined. We’re here to consult to the Enterprise Client to design and develop the mobile and cloud server technology necessary for their transition or growth  in the Mobile landscape.

If your target audience is large, we build for the most popular platforms that allow you to reach these customers with a native app or game. When building an internal mobile solution for an Enterprise, we will evaluate  and advise which platform best suits the needs of our client.

Featured: Internal Enterprise App for the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Emergency Operations Center.

The technologies we focus on are Objective-C for exclusive iOS, Java for native Android or Unity 3D for cross platform deployment.

Connect with Vectorbloom’s Design and Development team to set up an initial consultation.

App Starter Kits

Mobile Greetings for iOS!

The Custom Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit  is available on  GitHub  as a FREE and Open Source Objective-C project effective October 12, 2012. The template is flexible to accomodate a portrait line of stationery illustrations with custom fonts, multiple lines of text or preset greetings for the iPhone and iPod touch where greetings, announcements and invitations can be sent via Email, MMS (image), shared on Twitter and shared on Facebook and the Walls of Facebook Friends.

Perfect for stationery designers or artists wishing to leverage their brand. The Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit includes web views that can be set as windows to your on-line store by inputting your mobile url address within the App Starter Kit’s code.

Demo the Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit in action with the ‘ArtCards by Elizabeth Boylan‘ iPhone App on the App Store!

The kit’s template design supports a Carousel style layout for large number of Portrait format of Digital Artwork, Illustration or Photography to send via email, MMS, save to photos, post to Facebook Wall or Friends Wall, Tweet to Twitter, an artist’s biography page, and a web view to your social media links and web pages.

The Starter Kit for iOS 5 has been available under the MIT Open Source license for releasing either a free or paid iPhone App on GitHub

Check out Papier, our latest app product in this category currently being built in Swift for iOS 8.


Papier App:
Modern Stationery

PapierIconRoundBuilding on Vectorbloom’s portfolio of mobile projects in Social Media sharing and modern stationery for iOS, we are now innovating a new app product that meets the need for elegant digital communications.

From greeting card apps, to ArtCards and the Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit, we’re re-imagining a new approach on UI/UX design and programming for iOS with Apple’s all new Swift programming language. Papier’s release to Google Play will follow shortly after its debut on iOS.

Follow Papier on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our first tweet and status update.

As of this Fall 2014:

Our Story

Our Story

Vectorbloom is a mobile design and development studio based out of Whistler, British Columbia. Since 2009, our team has launched a variety of lifestyle and game apps, while consulting in UI/UX design, iOS programming and Unity game development on a work for hire basis.

For in-house production, we began exclusively with iOS yet over time it became apparent which projects and platforms to focus on. Case in point, as much as we loved many of the apps we released (for example, Sara’s Ladybugs), it isn’t realistic to maintain all of them to the level of quality we strive to achieve. In 2014, we downsized our portfolio to focus single game app on multiple platforms built in Unity 3D. Big Top Ballet video game is available on iOS, Android, Mac and Facebook.

In order to deliver elegant solutions, we’re strong proponents of seeking simplicity in the ever complex paradigm of mobile technologies and platforms. To better serve innovation strategies and future client work., we are currently transitioning into Swift programming for iOS. To achieve this, we are developing a brand new mobile product that builds on the ArtCards iPhone App (launched in 2011) and the Mobile Greetings App Starter Kit ( launched in 2012).

We continue to be astounded by the accelerated rate mobile cloud technologies are evolving and the inevitable impact these have to our world, economy and personal lifestyles.

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