John Borchert

John Borchert

Mobile Developer & Consultant

Originally from Vancouver, I make my home in Whistler, British Columbia with my illustrator/ game designer wife, Elizabeth Boylan and our daughter, Sara.

Programming since I was 19,  my career spans the beginnings of the Internet to the latest in mobile apps, games and cloud technology. With a background in Rails and database technologies, since 2009 I have focused my expertise on native Objective-C / Swift for iOS applications (iPhone and iPad devices ), React Native for cross platform mobile app development and C# for Unity 3D cross platform game development.

Under the trade name of Vectorbloom from the period of 2009 to 2015,  we built a series of in-house apps as well as consulted on larger scale mobile iOS projects. From these client projects, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Objective-C/Swift, Wearables, Git, Tests, Core Motion, Core Location, Maps, Push & Local Notifications, Core Data, Parse, Storyboard Layout, Networking, Plivo and Twilio Cloud Communications for messaging and more recently tests and Analytics.

After developing a cross platform game in 2011 built with Unity 3D, we founded a separate company of the same name, Big Top Ballet Inc. where I operate as CTO and Unity 3D developer. More recently, we’ve been working on VR enabled games under the titles of Slide and Mission Disarm.

As of February 2016, and consulting as John Borchert Ltd. I continue to expand my expertise as a mobile iOS/ cloud developer with projects that harness the latest in Maps, IoT (Internet of Things), as well as AR/VR enabled apps. More recently I have been working with React Native as a cross platform solution for Android and iOS native apps.

When I’m not programming, I’m playing tennis, skiing, biking or hiking the trails with my Weimaraner.

Contact me via email: john {at} johnborchert {dot} com.

Feature Client Project

‘Augmented Real Estate App’  featuring Augmented Reality, Location, Paths, Camera, and Maps.

New Website :  John  Borchert Ltd.

Elizabeth Boylan

Elizabeth Boylan

Illustrator & Unity Game Developer

Born and raised in Montreal, my father an Electrical Engineer encouraged me ( actually he insisted ) that I take programming at university. I’m really happy he did.

The introduction to computer systems was enough to wet my feet so that I could start mobile development for iOS when the smartphone app explosion took over in 2009.

As a new mum I learnt Obj-C and designed several in-house apps that we released to the App Store under Vectorbloom Technologies.  With the demand for this know how, My husband, John and I consulted together on various custom app projects for iOS. As Android was gaining user adoption, we jumped onto Unity 3D development with John handing all C# development experimenting with different ideas. After designing the art assets for our first Unity Game, Big Top Ballet in 2012, I decided I also needed to learn C# for Unity 3D to push our game development while consulting to clients.

As Big Top Ballet grew in a fan following and user downloads, we founded Big Top Ballet Inc. in 2013. Of course we attended Unite 2013 in Vancouver and more and more of my time went to our independent unity projects.

So here we are in 2017, a new chapter with new opportunities in VR and AI. We have released a portfolio of entertainment properties all with their own websites; Big Top Ballet, Mission Disarm and Gravity Paradox .

As I believe consulting is crucial to staying sharp and connected, I provide illustration and design services via my portfolio site Elizabeth Boylan. I can be reached via email eb at elizabethboylan dot com.

Feature Illustration Work

OMG! By Big Top Ballet , Stickers for iMessage

Elizabeth Boylan Ltd.

iOS Consulting

John Borchert Ltd. 

Custom App Development

Featured: Internal Enterprise App for the Resort Municipality of Whistler’s Emergency Operations Center.

From the period of January 1, 2009- December 31, 2015, the Vectorbloom team with John Borchert as Lead Developer, and Elizabeth Boylan as UI/UX designer had released a wide range of in-house and custom native apps and games combined.  After 7 years in mobile, and founding a Big Top Ballet Inc. with a growing list of projects the duo decided to branch Vectorbloom’s consulting operations into separate entities adopting their respective names.

John Borchert Ltd. Mobile App Development for iOS & Unity 3D Games:

An expert in mobile front end and cloud technologies, John now operating under John Borchert Ltd.  is available to develop solutions that take advantage of smart phone features such as the latest in Location, Maps, Motion, Camera, Notifications, and AR/ VR features in a meaningful way to provide solutions for the end user. With continued changes in the landscape of Mobile and Cloud technologies, John provides sound expertise that focus on client’s priorities to build or enhance a successful app or game product.

Elizabeth Boylan Ltd. Graphic Design & Illustration:

Elizabeth Boylan, continues to create games with Unity 3D for Big Top Ballet. She consults directly to clients in UI/UX for mobile app, graphic design and illustration.



Unity 3D Game Development

Featured Game © Big Top Ballet Inc. All rights reserved

Originally released under Vectorbloom Technologies a sole proprietorship, Big Top Ballet maintained the Top 10 Mac Music Games throughout 2012 and 2013 at times hitting #1 in the US category of Mac Music games.  We founded Big Top Ballet Inc. to continue new game and entertainment content, including our debut of The Nutcracker in December 2016 and La Vie En Rose for Valentine’s 2017. Since 2015 our team has also been working on two other Unity 3D titles, Slide Game and Mission Disarm which have been released to mobile iOS and Android with free to play versions on-line at each respective game site.

Game Art & Game Design by Elizabeth Boylan

Unity 3D C# Development by John Borchert Ltd.